Your Medicare Cover Will Likely Have Your Back When It Comes To These 4 Medical Alarms

Your Medicare Cover Will Likely Have Your Back When It Comes To These 4 Medical Alarms

Like most disasters, nobody ever knows when a medical
emergency is about to happen. This is why it is always important to have a
medical cover that will help make things easier especially financially. It is
also one of the reasons why medical alarms make a lot of sense especially for
the elderly.

Medical alarm systems are designed to facilitate continuous
monitoring especially for the elderly. They can help alert in case of a medical
emergency, thus allowing for swift medical aid. Below are examples of medical
alarms that may be included in Medicare covers.


This is a medical alarm system made by Philips that features
an alert button in a wristband or a pendant. When activated, it sends a signal
through a cellular network, thus making sure that coverage is widespread. It is
also water-resistant and can therefore be used even in the bathroom where most
falls are reported.

This system offers a mobile option called GoSafe and a home
option. The GoSafe offer mainly targets seniors that are constantly traveling.
In case activated, the medical alarm sends a notification to medical personnel
to notify them of your location. GoSafe has a one-time equipment cost of $149
and a  $54.95 monthly subscription fee. The
Lifeline home option costs about $50 for the hardware and a $29.95 monthly
subscription fee.

Bay Alarm Medical

This medical alarm system offers an in-home option whose
base monthly subscription is around $19.95. It is designed to offer health
monitoring at an affordable price point and it also features a variety of options
that can be tailored to the client’s lifestyle.

For example, one may opt for a mobile GPS emergency button
that is fitted with GPS so that it is easier for medical personnel to find you.
It also offers an in-home option complete with a wrist button or a pendant and
a receiver. For those constantly on the move, there is an in-car medical alarm with
a 12-volt jack that can be plugged in the vehicle.


This is a medical alarm system that is built with
versatility whether the user is at home or on outdoors. It is also highly
efficient thanks to the fact that it relies on cellular networks. It’s home
option called Classic features a wristband or pendant with an emergency button
and a base station to facilitate the communication. Its other offering is
called Solo which features GPS monitoring and can be integrated with Samsung
Smart Watches for activity monitoring among other features. One of MobileHelp’s
selling points is its widespread availability in the U.S.


This is one of the most reliable medical alarm systems out
there especially as ease of setting up and affordability are concerned. It
allows landline connectivity and also has cellular connectivity, as well as GPS
for users that are always on the go. It therefore caters to home use and
outdoor use and the system even features weekly tests to maintain the
reliability of the systems. The Medicare coverage for LifeStation $25.95 per

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