Two Marijuana Stocks Worth Keeping an Eye On

Two Marijuana Stocks Worth Keeping an Eye On

Marijuana stocks have been growing with a massive amount of propensity toward the future for quite some time now. In only a few short years, the industry has grown to the multi-billions in select nations around the world. Because of this, investors continue to keep watching pot stocks as they grow.

While the main focus has been on the largest companies in the industry, this should not deny the guys in the mid to small-cap range. These companies have a lot to offer in terms of innovation and commitment to future products. Because of the movement into the next few years, the marijuana stock market has no signs of slowing down any time soon.

A Canadian Pot Stock To Keep an Eye On

Ionic Brands Corp. (IONC) (IONKF) is one of the leading cannabis brands based out of Canada. Despite being a Canadian company, Ionic Brands is a cannabis stock that works primarily out of the U.S. market. The company is considered to be a holdings company with the majority of its business in Washington state.

One of the main focuses of Ionic Brands has been on the luxury and premium side of the industry. Additionally, they have stated that they are heavily focused on expansion into westward markets. This includes California and Oregon in addition to others. As they continue to lead the vaporizer market, the company remains a pot stock to watch moving into the future.

Ionic Brands Expands Their Strategy

The company recently announced that they would be moving into the infused beverage market. The goal is to begin producing cannabis-infused single use coffee pods. CEO of the company, John Gorst stated that “Single–cup coffee is a +$4.5 billion market and the National Coffee Association has estimated more than 40% of Americans own a single-cup coffee maker. Securing these patents is a great foundation for IONIC BRANDS to enter into the cannabis-infused beverage industry and is complementary to our current premium luxury Cannabinoid products. We also see the substantial development potential of new revenue streams through licensing infused coffee and tea brand partnerships.”

All in all, Ionic Brands continues to represent the vaporizer brand in a big way. The hopes are that moving into the future, they can continue on their path to being the main company in this sector of cannabis stocks.

An Alternative Marijuana Stock to Watch

Scotts Miracle-Gro (NYSE:SMG) is not a traditional cannabis stock in any sense of the word. Despite this, this marijuana stock has been working to build out its business in helping growers produce the substance. In the last quarter, the company stated that as much as 90% of their revenue came from their consumer lawn and garden product care sector.

Their subsidiary, Hawthorne Gardening is their hydroponic section, which caters to the growth of marijuana. With more growers than ever wanting to produce cannabis, Hawthorne Gardening and Scotts Miracle-Gro look like they could continue to take over the alternative marijuana stock market.

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