Top 5 Cannabis Food Trends

Cannabis sativa has managed to flip the table of fate in its favor. With legalization, the use of marijuana is also slowly spreading into various industries. Today like groceries and clothing you can easily order weed online and enjoy its benefits from the comfort of your home.  The medicinal value of cannabis has triggered interest in the food industry that is looking to introduce this amazing ingredient into various edibles making the intake easier. Gone are those days when all you could think about was hash brownies when you talked about cannabis-infused edibles.

Here are the top 5 food trends that are cannabis-based that will leave you completely in awe.

  1. Cannabis infused drink: The magic of CBD which is an active component present in cannabis is slowly unraveling and this has created particular interest in creating outstanding drink recipes from this ingredient. It is non-psychoactive, flavorful and most of all is loaded with health benefits making it an ideal component to introduce to a healthy drink. Vybes has reached shelves in various states across the United state wherein the product combines CBD with various flavors to create delicious drinks to relish. These drinks have a calming effect on the body and can help improve overall health. Cannabis infused health drink mix is also available with loaded proteins which can be combined with steroids to achieve great results from workouts.

2. Cannabis cocktails: The next time you go to a bar don’t forget to ask your bartender to serve their favorite and special on menu Cannabis cocktail. While combining cannabis and alcohol may not be a good idea, in general, the extracted CBD which is used as an ingredient in these cocktails pairs amazingly well with the drink. In fact, it also seems to negate the negative effects of consuming CBD with alcohol and making it a rather fun experience. A cocktail Stiney Negroni joined the menu at High Vibes which is loaded with orange bittersweet vermouth, gin and the Stoney ingredient, CBD. You can also try a Sour T-iesel and various other experimental cannabis cocktails that are slowly getting added to bar menus.

3. Cannabis ice cream: If you are bored of trying all the flavors lined up at the ice cream parlor then cannabis ice creams might be your thing. A trend that exists at the Green Market YYC in Canada, this store added a twist to their regular ice creams. Apart from ice cream the store also has gummies and macaroons that are infused with marijuana. The trend is slowly setting in the region to move to more places across the country where legalization will slowly set in to expand to edibles also.

4. Cannabis glazed donut: If you could not find a reason to refuse a donut till now, this addition to the list is simply going to make it impossible. The sugar-dusted donuts that are drool worthy are now available as cannabis dusted masterpieces. Glazed & Confuzed offers a CBD infused glazed donut menu which matches the enticing sweetness of donuts with the earthy and stony flavors from CBD. The donut is topped with a candied hemp leaf and can be a great way to take you off the edge. Strains such as white rhino help relax the body and mind while being presented in an outstanding base such as a donut.

5. Cannabis infused chocolates: Like pot cookies and Marijuana gummies the mixture of sugar, chocolate, and CBD is an ecstatic combination that makes an amazing snack. Kica and Defonce are the prominent brands offering these flavorsome chocolate bars that effortlessly let you enjoy the health benefits of marijuana mixed with an amazing ingredient such as chocolate.

Cannabis-based food trends are slowly catching up in the market. In fact, Cannabis theme parties are becoming a rage these days. Big players from the food industry are also looking at possible CBD based food infusions to introduce an exciting range of products for the customers. With the legalization of recreational marijuana plants, these food trends are expected to expand to more foods which will make the benefits of marijuana much more delicious and amazing.


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Jessica has been closely studying the cannabis industry trends from quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes interest in penning down her views providing quality insight on current marijuana trends, particularly medical cannabis.

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